Pre Planning Your Funeral: 7 Questions to Ask a Funeral Director

Preplanning Your Funeral - 7 Questions to Ask a Funeral Director

When it comes to preplanning your funeral service in Melbourne, there are a lot of things to ask; don’t ever be shy about asking for information and be wary of anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable making these queries. There is no time like the present to preplan your funeral. Pay heed to the following funeral planning tips and make gain some peace of mind regarding your final arrangements.

Thinking about preplanning? Ask your funeral director these 7 questions:

(1) Are You Being Charged For This Consultation?

It is never too soon to begin preplanningthe first thing to ask a funeral director is what an initial consultation entails and what is the charge for this? Is this included in the funeral cost, what is the breakdown of fees? Many clients are cost-driven when it comes to preplanning, so it is common for consumers to ask for prices. You can always upgrade or change your arrangements later, if you like.

(2) What Exactly Are Your Options?

A big question to ask your funeral home staffer is what your options are. Ask for details related to a cremation package, traditional burial, transportation, funeral service, or any related provisions that you may be interested in. Your funeral director will likely share a lot of information and give you a chance to weight and consider all of your options before signing a contract or committing to services.

(3) Can Your Loved Ones See You After You Pass?

Another common query surrounds whether your loved ones will be able to see, spend time with, or view your remains before interment. Who will be taking care of cleaning and dressing your body before services? Is this necessary with a cremation? These are valid concerns that your funeral director will be able to address. Ask to see the area of the facility where your body will be kept until services, interment, or other arrangements, if this is something that concerns you.

(4) What If You Die In The Middle Of The Night?

Many people wonder what would happen if they were to die in the middle of the night; typically, loved ones would call for emergency services unless the death was expected, whereas survivors would call the health care providers. The family is given the option of sitting with their loved one’s remains before it is removed from the home, as well as if the individual dies in a medical, nursing, or residential setting. The funeral home with whom you have preplanned your final arrangements will come remove your body and transport it to their facility at any time, day or night.

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(5) Where Will Your Remains Be Buried?

Ask the funeral director about any available options for interment or burial. There may be communal mausoleums for cremated remains or plots available to buy for traditional burials. If you already own a burial site or if you plan to store your cremated remains in some other manner, mention this to the funeral director during preplanning. If a burial at-sea is something that you are interested in pursuing, know the laws and guidelines for the region you are in; there are far fewer guidelines dictating scattering ashes at sea.

(6) How Much Will This Cost And How Can You Pay For It Now?

Naturally, you will want to know about pricing and how much you will pay for these services rendered. Typically, the funeral home will provide you with brochures and price lists to look over and think about before making any decisions. You may be able to earmark an insurance policy for your burial costs and designate the funeral home as the beneficiary. You may also be able to pay cash via payments over time. Know that if you pay cash up-front, you may be eligible for discounts or savings.

(7) Is There Anything Else Your Family Will Need?

It doesn’t hurt to ask the funeral director if there is anything else that you – or your survivors – will need to complete your final wishes and arrangements. From transport to funeral music, make sure that you know what you are paying for and that your funeral director knows exactly what you want and expect at the time of your passing.

Preplanning your final arrangements affords you the opportunity to work with someone of your choosing and finding the right funeral director and service is so very important. Make sure that the individual or funeral home that you elect has your best interests at heart and that they are genuine and transparent in your interactions. Glean a bit more insight by reading online reviews and client feedback.

Planning a funeral service in Melbourne? Fixed Price Cremations is ready to answer any questions that you may have regarding the process, procedure, and protocols. Contact us today at 1300 262 797 to learn more and set up a meeting or consultation. Remember that planning and paying for your final arrangements now saves your family the stress later.

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