Prepaid Cremation Sydney

At Fixed Price Cremations, our commitment is to offer an alternative to the residents of Sydney, New South Wales. Traditional funeral arrangements often come with exorbitant costs, compelling those who prefer a simpler, more personalised service to seek other avenues.

In the midst of mourning, we uphold the principle that financial burdens should not compound your grief. Hence, we provide  affordable cremation services in Sydney, New South Wales that are not only economical but respectful of your emotional state.

Our service model is straightforward: we offer a single, unattended cremation services at a fixed cost. This ensures our clients in New South Wales receive not just economical cremation options but also a dignified handling that maintains a high level of attention. For those in Sydney seeking economical funeral solutions, they can be confident of receiving a service executed with utmost respect and meticulous care.

Priced unequivocally at $1,990, our low-cost cremation service guarantees transparency—absolutely no hidden fees or unforeseen expenses. Opting for prepaid cremation Sydney presents a significant benefit: it allows you to allocate funds towards celebrating the life of the departed in a manner that truly honours their unique spirit and resonates deeply with each person who cherished them.

What is Prepaid Cremation?

Affordable Cremations Sydney

At Fixed Price Cremations, we provide a simple non-attended cremation service at one low price with no hidden extra fees.

A funeral does not have to be an elaborate, costly or traditional affair and there are certainly no strict rules to dictate that a funeral service has to be any one thing or another.

The Fixed Price Cremations non-attended cremation service is all about choice. We provide a simple and dignified way to farewell your loved one without any hidden fees or financial surprises for you and your family. After the cremation takes place, if you wish, you can celebrate the life of your loved one in any manner that is appropriate to your circumstances, independent of the cremation, and at any time and location of your choosing.

We have kept the cremation process as simple as possible, to ensure one low price of $1,990 with no hidden extra costs, and without sacrificing the care that will be shown to you and your loved one.  This is our normal $1,850 price with an administration fee $140 to invest your money into a secure fund to protect your payment and offer our clients piece of mind that their money is guaranteed.

Why Pre-Plan Cremation?

At Fixed Price Cremations, we recognise the profound impact of grief on decision-making. To simplify your choices during this challenging time, we offer an unattended cremation service for a straightforward fee of $1,990 inc GST.

At Fixed Price Cremations, we recognize the profound impact of grief on decision-making. To simplify your choices during this challenging time, we offer an unattended cremation service for a straightforward fee of $1,990.

The preference for an unattended cremation over a conventional funeral can stem from various reasons, primarily the prohibitive cost of traditional services. However, in an era of heightened consumer consciousness, the overriding factor is often the freedom to choose an alternative path. This choice allows families to design a unique and meaningful commemoration that breaks free from traditional constraints.

Our  low cost cremation package encompasses all essentials for the process, ensuring transparency with no concealed charges. If you seek an economical cremation that honours your loved one with dignity, you’ve found the right place. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind.

Our mission is to offer Sydney’s community an affordable cremation solution without compromising on the quality of care or service. We understand the significance of this final tribute to a loved one, and we commit to executing each cremation with simplicity, compassion, and respect.

Recognising the overwhelming nature of grief, we have streamlined our non-attended cremation service to minimise the need for decisions during this painful period.

You can customise your cremation plan to meet your family’s specific needs, with options to pay in full or through instalments over three years. Our prepaid plans are inflation-proof, safeguarding against the rising costs of funeral services. Funds for Fixed Price Cremations are securely held in an impartial institution under the client’s name.

For immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Fixed Price Prepaid Cremation Plan Include the Following:

Our comprehensive cost of our non-attended cremation package encompasses all necessary elements for the process, fully inclusive in the price. This service is available at a total cost of $1,990, which includes GST and all administrative fees.

  • Access to our specialist staff over the phone or by email
  • The transfer of the Deceased into our care 24/7 within our operational area*
  • Mortuary Care
  • A shroud to dress the Deceased
  • Completion of all application and registration forms
  • Doctor’s medical forms and fees
  • Registration of the death
  • Official Government Death Certificate
  • Transport to the crematorium
  • Basic coffin
  • Delivery of the cremated remains anywhere in Australia

There are no hidden extra costs.

How Do Prepaid Cremation Plans Work?

Prepaid Cremations Sydney

Our non-attended cremation service is available for a comprehensive fee of $1,990, inclusive of GST. This fixed rate covers all essentials needed for the cremation process.

Upon your selection of our service, we will initiate the respectful transfer of the deceased into our care utilizing a professional mortuary ambulance. In our facilities, the deceased will receive essential mortuary care, be clothed in a ceremonial shroud, and placed within a coffin.

We will manage the acquisition of a doctor’s medical death certificate and all additional necessary certificates to facilitate the cremation. Furthermore, we will procure an official government death certificate, which will be mailed directly to you.

Our responsibilities also include the completion of all requisite documentation and coordinating the transportation of the deceased to the crematorium.

Following the cremation, we will organise for the ashes to be delivered to any designated location within Australia.

Advantages of Prepaid Cremation

  • When you secure a Fixed Price cremation through a prepaid contract, the price you pay today remains unchanged, regardless of how long you hold the contract.
  • This approach ensures that the cost of the cremation is locked in at current rates
  • Your funds are safely invested, providing peace of mind with a prepaid cremation plan. Notably, there are no medical restrictions required to purchase a prepaid cremation.
  • Opting for a prepaid cremation alleviates both decision-making and financial burdens from your family, as your final wishes are clearly established and honoured.
  • Additionally, you have the flexibility to spread the cost of your cremation agreement over a period through manageable installment payments.

Request A Pre-Paid Funeral Quote

If you would like to arrange a non-attended cremation service, contact us today on  1300 262 797. We know that this can be a sensitive time, so our specialists are there to help make the experience less stressful and more peaceful.

Prepaid Cremation - FAQs

What is fixed price prepaid cremation?

A prepaid cremation represents a formal agreement between a client and Fixed Price Cremations, established through a contract that arranges for the cremation service to be financed in advance.

This arrangement assures families that their preferences are formally recorded and financially secured, alleviating the emotional and financial responsibilities from their loved ones.

How much does a prepaid cremation cost?

The cost of our non-attended cremation service is $1,850 (inc. GST) There is a one off administration fee of $140 to set up the total cost to pre pay a cremation is $1,990.

What are the benefits of opting for a prepaid cremation plan?

Gain peace of mind with the assurance that your cremation expenses are pre-paid and your family is fully informed of your wishes, thus relieving them of the financial strain associated with funeral costs.

Who is eligible for a prepaid cremation plan?

Individuals over the age of 18 are eligible to purchase a funeral plan through Fixed Price Cremation.

What is included in a prepaid cremation plan?

Our prepaid cremation plan includes

  • Consultation with our expert staff via phone or email
  • Round-the-clock transfer of the deceased within our operational zone
  • Professional mortuary care
  • Provision of a shroud for the deceased
  • Handling and completion of all necessary application and registration forms
  • Doctor’s medical forms and associated fees
  • Official registration of the death
  • Issuance of an Official Government Death Certificate
  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematorium
  • A basic coffin
  • Delivery of the cremated remains to any location within Australia

What happens to the money I pay in advance?

Your money is securely invested with a third party funeral fund. When you purchase a pre paid cremation you will receive a copy of the fund certificate for your records.Your investment is securely held with a third-party funeral fund. Upon purchasing a prepaid cremation, you will be provided with a copy of the fund certificate for your records.

How can I pay for my cremation plan?

We provide flexible payment options, including VISA, Mastercard, or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Full payment for the non-attended cremation service must be settled before the cremation process commences.

What happens if my prepaid cremation service is booked in a particular state and my death occurs interstate?

You have the option to transfer funds directly to a local funeral director in that state. Alternatively, for a nominal fee, we offer Travel Care insurance, which will coordinate and cover the costs of transportation back.

What happens to the money I pay in advance?

The funds are securely invested with an impartial financial institution, in compliance with the Funeral Act of 2006. Access to these funds is restricted and can only be granted upon the occurrence of death.

How can I pay for my cremation plan?

Payment for our services can be made using a cheque, Visa, or MasterCard. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to settle your account through installment plans spread over two or three years.

What happens if my prepaid cremation service is booked in a particular state and my death occurs interstate?

You may choose to employ a local funeral director; we will simply access the funds and transfer them to the funeral director you have selected.

Can I cancel my prepaid cremation plan?

A 30-day cooling-off period is provided for reconsideration. Following this interval, the funds will be inaccessible until the time of death, at which point a medical cause of death certificate is required to release these funds.

What are the benefits of opting for a prepaid cremation plan?

The cost remains fixed annually. Once the cremation fee is settled, the funds are invested, ensuring that no additional payments are required at the time of death.