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  1. Rating 5

    The staff from Fixed Price Cremations helped us out immensely during our time of need. The process was quick and very simple to organise – exactly what we needed. There were no complications and no issues from start to finish.

  2. Rating 5

    First of all a big thank you to everybody who helped us. We were amazed at how quickly you were able to accommodate us, especially with the very short amount of time we gave you! Due to the speed and ease of sorting this out we were able to bid a beautiful farewell to my Mum! Thanks.

  3. Rating 5

    The staff from Fixed Price Cremations were supportive, professional, informative and sincere. They went the extra mile on my behalf. I thoroughly endorse Fixed Price Cremations!

  4. Rating 5

    At a time of grief the staff from Fixed Price Cremations were a saving grace. They were amazingly helpful during the process. Our father was respectfully looked after by the excellent staff at this company. Highly recommend!

  5. Rating 5

    The person from Fixed Price Cremations attended to every detail, she knew exactly what was required and what to provide. I would highly recommend their service to my friends & relatives if they were in similar situation of need.

  6. Rating 5

    Fixed Price Cremations took care of my sisters cremation in the most respectful and meaningful way. I could not have asked for better care for her farewell. Thank you. I recommend this to anybody looking for a low cost affordable option that will help you through the process.

  7. Rating 5

    Professional, prompt and honest are the first things that come to mind with the staff at Fixed Price Cremations. Thank you for sorting out everything for our Mum.

  8. Rating 5

    Thank you Fixed Price Cremations. My father wanted a simple cremation and you guys delivered just that without any stress on our part.

  9. Rating 5

    My family decided that we didn’t want an elaborate funeral for Nan and that’s when we found Fixed Price Cremations. The no fuss service was exactly what she was looking for and it allowed us to just have a few loved ones at home to remember her.

  10. Rating 5

    The lady I spoke to over the phone was really kind and gentle when I did the application. The service really helped me feel better during this somewhat challenging time.

  11. Rating 5

    My sister specifically requested a non-attended cremation as she didn’t believe in spending lots of money on a big funeral. We couldn’t have picked a better team to arrange it for us. Thank you.

  12. Rating 5

    It was good to know right from the get go how much we would be spending on the service. Fixed Price Cremations kept their word and the price did not change.

  13. Rating 5

    If you are looking to have a cremation done, I highly recommend these guys. They were professional and handled every little detail for us.

  14. Rating 5

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we needed to have a cremation done urgently. Fixed Price Cremations made sure that it was done in the time frame and within the price range that was stated. I am very happy about the service in a time of real need for my family and I.

  15. Rating 5

    My husband passed away quite unexpectedly and I had no idea what to do next. A friend recommended you guys and I just wanted to say thanks for guiding me through the process and making it feel OK. I was still in shock when I called you and you really helped me.

  16. Rating 5

    Cremation is a tradition in my culture. Being in Australia now, we were not familiar with who is offering this service here and so we found Fixed Price Cremations online and called them. I’m happy we did because they made us feel at home. We are very thankful.

  17. Rating 5

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from a non-attended funeral service, but I was really pleased with the way the team helped us through the process. They took care of all the particulars and made it as good as we could hope for.

  18. Rating 5

    I would like to say a huge thank you to Fixed Price Cremations. They managed my father’s funeral with the utmost respect and were very accommodating to us.

  19. Rating 5

    Great Service! They definitely deserve 5 stars. The person that helped us was sincere, helpful and professional. I would recommend Fixed Price Cremations to anyone needing to arrange a funeral service.

  20. Rating 5

    Fixed Price Cremation’s funeral services made a bad time for my family a whole lot easier. I would thoroughly recommend them. Thanks.

  21. Rating 5

    At a time when we were reeling and felt totally unprepared to manage the funeral of our mother, Fixed Price Cremations helped handle all the arrangements. We would not think twice about recommending them to anyone.

  22. Rating 5

    Extremely caring, patient and respectful. When my father in law passed away, they took care of everything perfectly in what proved to be a challenging time. I would highly recommend them.

  23. Rating 5

    Recently my Father passed away and the team at Fixed Price Cremations looked after all the funeral arrangements. They were professional and made this difficult time easier for us. Everyone we spoke to was very understanding and helpful.

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