Cremation Costs Melbourne

The cost of our non-attended cremation service in Melbourne is $1695 including GST.

The cost of our non-attended cremation service is $1,695 (inc. GST).  This one fixed price includes everything required for the cremation to proceed.

When you engage us to carry out the non-attended cremation, we will transport the deceased person into our care via a professional mortuary ambulance service.  Once in our care we will provide basic mortuary care and the deceased will be dressed in a shroud and placed into a coffin.

We will co-ordinate the provision of a doctor’s medical death certificate and all other certificates needed for the cremation to take place. We will also order an official government death certificate to be posted to you.

We will complete all documentation required and arrange for the deceased person to be transported to the crematorium.

After the cremation has taken place we will arrange for the cremated remains to be delivered to any one location in Australia.

There is no more to pay and no hidden additional costs.

Our specialist cremation staff are available 24 hours / 7 days a week.  Call us now to on 1300 262 797 or arrange a call back via the Contact Us form on this site.

We will thoroughly answer any questions you have or help you to arrange a Fixed Price Cremations non-attended cremation package, guiding you through each step of the process over the phone.

We offer the convenience of payment by VISA, Mastercard or EFT. Payment for the non-attended cremation service is required prior to the cremation taking place.

How Much Does A Funeral Cost in Melbourne?

The average cost of a funeral in Melbourne varies, depending on what type you of funeral you select. A traditional funeral with a burial, coffin and other options can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000 once all the expenses are added up. Recently, more and more people are finding that they do not want to take this option for a number of reasons—the least of which includes cost.

The alternative to this is a simple stress-free cremation that doesn’t cost you a fortune. At Fixed price cremations we have only one non-attended cremation package that has been tailored specifically to make the process as easy and cost effective for you as possible. While the average cost of cremation varies in Melbourne, we only charge $1695 including GST with no hidden costs or surprises.

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Cost of Our Cremation Service in Melbourne

Today, many individuals believe that the average cost of a funeral is too high. For years, the basic funeral cost has been gradually increasing to the point that it has become less than viable for a lot of people. On top of that, most individuals experience a period of grief when a loved one passes away—making it difficult for them to make decisions regarding the various options that come with organising a funeral service.

Thankfully, there is another option—a non-attended cremation service. As a matter of fact, the average price of cremation in Melbourne is significantly lower than that of a traditional burial. Our non-attended cremation service is fixed at the price of $1695 including GST and offers a way for you to arrange a simple yet dignified service that costs much less than the average funeral cost.

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