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My Dad was really adamant that when he died he didn’t want a funeral because he couldn’t bear the thought of Mum and us kids being out of pocket so when he passed away we did an online search and found the Fixed Priced Cremation website which offers a no funeral cremation for only $1850. We went with that and we didn’t pay a cent more. Dad would have been wrapped that his send-off didn’t cost his family an arm and a leg and because of the great deal offered we were able to spend a few extra bucks on his wake.

– Shaun, Fixed Price Cremations Client.


When some friends of ours told us recently how much their mother’s funeral had cost, we were gob smacked and decided that the last thing we wanted was for our kids to have to fork out that sort of money for our funeral. So we went online and came across this company called Fixed Price Cremations which offers a very inexpensive non-attended cremation. There’s no funeral as such but the total cost covers the care of the deceased, the preparation of all documentation, a coffin and the delivery of cremated remains anywhere in Australia. Well frankly we were amazed that so much can cost as little as $1850 and so, when our time comes, our kids know who to call.

– Peter, Fixed Price Cremations Client