7 Things to Consider When Planning A Funeral (#5 Will Blow Your Mind)

7 Things to Consider When Planning A Funeral

Whether you are planning a funeral for a loved one or preplanning your own final wishes, there is a lot to know and consider. For instance, do you know what the average cremation cost is in Australia? Don’t try to go it alone; use our insight and expertise to navigate the ins-and-outs of funeral planning. We can make a somber and difficult experience less-stressful and a lot simpler.

Consider these 7 things when planning a funeral:

1. Cremation or Burial: The first choice that you will have to make is whether to have a cremation or conventional burial. More and more individuals are turning toward cremation service in Melbourne, which is a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly option.

2. Your Final Resting Place: You will next need to determine where the interment, burial, or resting spot will be. This is significantly easier and less-costly when dealing with cremation, though some may choose to purchase burial plots for interring cremated remains in an urn. Do you have a family plot or cemetery? This is also something to consider when making arrangements.

3. The Costs: The reality is that money matters and that many funeral details and arrangements come down to costs. Let’s talk about how planning and paying for services now can lock you in to fixed pricing; this means that the price won’t go up and you can rest-easy knowing that your arrangements are made and paid-for. You will also want to find out the price differential when it comes to cremation versus burial; the funeral director will provide more information during consult.

4. Public, Private, or No Services: Another question to ask is: service or no- service? Let’s assume you are unsure about whether to plan a funeral at all; it may help to consider if a funeral could help loved ones and survivors cope at a time of loss. The formality associated with traditional funerals is more for the family and friends of the deceased; is this something you are interested in doing?

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5. Time is of the Essence:This is the time to consider pre-planning your own funeral and final arrangements. Of the compelling reasons to preplan, consider that time is of the essence. Since this is literally the most important and caring thing you can do for those you leave behind, make sure to get it done. Life is so unpredictable; don’t delay something as critical as making your final arrangements.

6. Discussions With Your Family: Simplify and leave clear documentation for your loved ones; consider a preplan package that covers everything, from your service to your burial, urn to flowers. Discuss openly funeral arrangements, wishes, and preferences with those closest to you. If you are planning the funeral of a loved one, talk to the other family members about their thoughts and opinions. This creates an open forum for communication about a challenging topic: death.

7. The Right Funeral Professionals: Above all of the details, an important thing to consider when planning a funeral is who you will work with; choose a funeral and cremation professional that shares your vision and honors your priorities when discussing final arrangements, whether these plans are for you or someone else. Make sure that you have a good, working rapport with the funeral director or associates; this is key. Come meet us and see what we can offer during a difficult time.

Do you know what is involved in planning a funeral? It can seem daunting; ask funeral directors and professionals in the area for a funeral planning guide. This is a simple aid that you can take home to consider, discuss, and decide what you want your final arrangements to look like.

Are you ready to begin planning your funeral? We want to help; whether you are interested in traditional funeral services or Fixed Price Cremations, call us directly on 1300 262 797 for assistance. There is a lot to consider when planning your funeral – let us make the process simpler and less-stressful for you and your loved ones.

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