Cremation Costs: How much is to be cremated?

average cost of cremation

For thousands of years across numerous cultures and religions, cremation has been the standard method of carrying out the final disposition of a deceased person. Cremation is proving to be a cost-effective option for families and an environmentally sustainable one.

Average Cost of Cremation in Australia

The average cost of a cremation tends to vary from company to company, but generally speaking, the process is much more cost-efficient than a burial. This is in part due to the fact that there are much fewer expenses in the process which result in the lower cremation cost.

At Fixed Price Cremations, the average price of cremation services is set at one affordable cost where all steps in the process are managed for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Be Cremated in Australia?

We believe in a fixed price approach, with no surprises — which is why our average cremation services cost is $1,850, including GST. A quick search of other funeral blogs will reveal that the average price of cremation in Australia is around $4,000.

For a number of families, this is an unrealistic cost to bear despite this still only being roughly a third of the cost of a burial in Australia.

how much does it cost to get cremated

Cremations are increasing in popularity for a number of reasons.

Firstly they are efficient and convenient.

Secondly, Whatever service you opt for, you are given a wide array of memorial options to honour the person’s memory. For example, there are a vast number of options for freeing, planting or scattering the ashes and for housing the ashes in a memorial urn, vessel or pendant to treasure according to the wishes of the family and the person they are honouring.

Thirdly, the increasing popularity of an environmentally friendly way to dispose of remains as people become more aware of the environmental footprint of their choices.


Finally, the costs associated with having a burial can often leave people in serious financial strain, especially when they are in a position of such deep pain and anguish and a cremation can help to alleviate much of these extra costs.

To enquire about cremation or to simply find out more, contact our specialist cremation staff today.

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