5 Main Reasons Why is Cremation Becoming More Popular in Australia

5 Main Reasons Why is Cremation Becoming More Popular in Australia

Back in the 50s, only around one in 28 people who died were cremated; today, it is estimated that around 40% choose cremation when funeral planning and making their final arrangements. But why is cremation becoming such a common choice among Australians? The reasons are simple yet make perfect sense for the world that we are living in. Consider that an interment for someone who has been cremated uses less than half of the space needed for someone who chooses traditional burial; for those with family plots or limited greenspace, cremation could be the most pragmatic solution.

Think about the 5 main reasons why cremation is gaining popularity among Aussies:

1. People Are Preplanning Their Arrangements

The first reason why cremations are booming is that people are beginning to pre-plan; more consumers are preplanning to save their loved ones the grief of making funeral arrangements at a time of death. In 2016, over 70% of families chose to seek out cremation services when funeral planning; as people choose their own options during preplanning, they are making practical decisions based on pragmatism rather than emotion, as often occurs when the loss is unexpected and unplanned-for.

2. Cremation is Less-Costly

Let’s be honest: many people are choosing this approach due to cremation cost; a cremation package is typically around half what a very-basic burial funeral cost. This is incentive enough to consider cremation over a more-traditional, though dated, burial. Particularly in the case of those with the fore-thought to preplan their services and arrangements, money could be the driving factor that steers people toward this very smart and sound choice.

3. People Want to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

The world is becoming a more eco-conscious place and many consumers are quite bothered by the carbon footprint they leave behind. Cremation is an efficient and environmentally-sound alternative to funerals and interments that consume resources. Some ways to save further on cremation cost, while sticking to an eco-friendly goal, include these suggestions:

  • Plan your own interment site or plans. This could include burial at home, maintaining remains in the home, or scattering the remains.
  • Look for an eco-friendly urn made from recycled materials. Talk to your cremation professional about these options.
  • Consider contributing your cremated remains toward the completion of a coral reef.

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4. Cremation Offers Flexibility

You can be more creative when it comes to planning your cremation service in Melbourne; cremation allows for less funeral home intervention and more flexibility in terms of how, where, and when their loved one will be interred or laid to rest. Many contemporary services step away from the funeral home and take place in less-expected venues, such as favorite bars, landmarks, homes, or at sea. Furthermore, many are choosing to remember their loved one by encapsulating a small piece of them; cremated remains are widely found in commemorative jewelry pieces, artwork, and even tattoos, which provide a unique way for mourners and loved ones to pay homage to their deceased.

5. We Think About Death Differently

Quite frankly, perhaps the biggest reasons why cremation is becoming widely-popular is the changing views regarding death. The younger generations are choosing to celebrate life and skip the more traditional, often somber funeral and burial of yesteryear. Millennials are celebrating life, scattering ashes in unexpected places, and creating their own memorials that stray from conventional interments. From scattering across the miles to taking loved one’s ‘cremains’ on a last adventure or journey, the definition of a proper ‘funeral’ is changing.

It is estimated that in 2012, over one-million people were cremated across the globe. A third of those cremated were laid to rest via burial, a third were scattered, and the final third were kept by loved ones and survivors. This compelling trend shows no signs of slowing in Australia, or across the world.

Contact Fixed Price Cremations in Melbourne today by calling 1300 262 797, to learn more about why a cremation may make the most sense for your loved one. If you are thinking about preplanning, do it! Cremations are becoming the popular choice of Australians making final arrangements, for themselves or someone they care about.

Is cremation the right decision for you and yours?  We look forward to helping you answer that question and assisting you in all your needs.

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