A Complete Guide to Funeral Flowers in Australia

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While a funeral is a time of mourning, it can also be a time to celebrate the life of a loved one. Funeral flowers help to personalise the funeral for a loved one, especially if they loved flowers. Even if your loved one was not fond of flowers, there are many types of flowers to choose from that will resonate with a family member or friend who has passed away.

This blog provides a complete guide to funeral flowers in Australia 2024. We understand that choosing the right set and type of flowers is difficult due to the abundance of options. This guide will help you make an informed decision. In addition to consulting this guide, we recommend you speak with family and friends, review online articles and ask florists for their opinion.

Funeral flowers arrangements

The most common type of funeral arrangements are casket sprays (i.e. coffin arranged flowers), standing funeral sprays (i.e. funeral wreaths) and bouquets. Each type of arrangement serves a different purpose and your choice will be guided by what your loved one would have desired.

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Casket sprays

A casket flower spray is an arrangement of flowers on the top of the coffin casket. The flower arrangement can be tailored to suit your loved one’s memory. The choice of flowers and the arrangement can be designed as you wish. Popular flowers include red roses, white lilies and Australian natives. The average cost of a casket spray is between $150 and $500.

Standing sprays

A standing spray is a vertically arranged set of flowers that is placed near the casket during the funeral procession. The arrangement can be tailored to suit your requirements and the flowers are held on an easel or wire stand in the formation of a wreath, cross, heart or other desired symbol. There is an abundant choice of flowers and popular options include roses, orchids and Australian natives. The average cost of this arrangement is between $85 and $350.

Flower bouquets

This traditional option is a popular choice. The arrangement can be wrapped in paper or presented in a vase. Any type of flower combination is available to suit the personality of your loved one. The average cost of an arranged bouquet is between $45 and $225.

Types of funeral flowers

There are many flowers in nature to choose from. For funeral occasions, certain types of flowers are special. When choosing the type of flower, it is important to consider your loved one, the relationship you had with your loved one and the memories that you had with them. Here is a list of common types of flowers for funerals.

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The white lily is the most popular choice as it symbolises sympathy and the innocence of the departing soul. Lilies accompany many other types of flowers and suit bouquets and sprays.


Carnations are commonly used in funeral sprays. The carnations are available in many colours and each colour is symbolic of emotions and feelings. For example, red carnations symbolise admiration and affection while pink carnations symbolise remembrance.


A tall flower used in vertical sprays, gladioli has a long stem with sprouting flowers. These flowers offer a bold display because the flower symbolises moral integrity and strength of character.


As a recognisable flower, roses are commonly used in sprays and bouquets. Yellow roses symbolise strong friendship, whereas red roses resemble love and affection. Roses can accompany other types of flowers for a spectacular display.


While not uncommon, choosing chrysanthemums requires careful thinking. This type of flower has a different symbolic meaning to people across different cultures. For example, in the United States these flowers are known for celebrating cheer, whereas in Asian countries they are linked to death and sorrow.


A potted plant is suitable if there is space to plant it next to the burial or to gift it to the grieving family as a token of your appreciation for their loved one. Hydrangeas are typically given by friends as an act of sincere condolence.


Tulips are cheerful plants that helps turn a negative mood into a positive. These plants, which bloom in Spring, signify a new beginning and are gifted to the grieving family in hope that they welcome the new chapter in their life with open arms.

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Funeral flower options

There is a range of flower options including cheap funeral flowers and expensive options. It is important that the cost of the funeral flower arrangement is not the predominant factor during decision making. While silk flowers and single roses are less expensive, it can give the undesired impression that your care for the departed is less than adequate. Remember to celebrate the occasion and help the grieving family with a memorable token of your appreciation of their loved one.

To make it easier for people to acquire funeral flowers, most flowers can now be pre-ordered with tailored messages online and shipped anywhere throughout Australia. This makes the difficult process of mourning for the departed easier. Remember, before you place your order ensure that you have remembered the departed, considered any cultural requirements and satisfied yourself that your friend or family member will be happy with your choice.

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