What To Say At A Funeral?

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Funerals are a celebration of someone’s life, but knowing what to say at one can be tricky to navigate. Whether you are talking to a loved one before or after a funeral service or preparing the Eulogy, it can be tough to know the right thing to say. People often find themselves stressing about how to help calm a mourning friend or family member, worrying that they may accidentally add to their grief. For this reason, we felt it was important to put together some helpful tips and advice on what to say at a funeral.

What to Say to a Loved One Before & After a Funeral

It is wise to check in with the family and close friends of the deceased before the funeral service to see how they are coping with the funeral arrangements and how they are handling the loss of their loved one. Ask about their mental health, and offer to help them in any way you can, even extending your assistance beyond helping with affordable cremation arrangements. It will allow them to talk about their feelings and what they may be in a position to say before the funeral date. It’s important to remember that a deceased’s loved ones are likely experiencing many emotions, and on the day of the funeral, they may only be able to receive condolences and express their thanks to those who attended the service.

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What To Say At The Funeral Service 

When attending a funeral service Melbourne, whether it be for a close friend or family member, you should offer your sympathies to the deceased’s family. Here are a few examples of what you could say:

– I’m sorry for your loss

– They [name] will be missed dearly

– You and your family are in my thoughts

If you knew the deceased well or are close to their friends and family, you could also mention something personal. Short and sweet words at this point would be most appropriate as the family, and close friends of the deceased will likely still have to acknowledge and thank many more people at the funeral service for attending.

What To Include In A Eulogy

Being tasked with reading the Eulogy for a loved one or dear friend can be a very rewarding experience. It allows you to write from the heart and detail how the deceased had touched yours and many other lives. As soul-searching and emotional as it is, there is also no doubt that this responsibility can be a daunting undertaking.

When you begin to feel overwhelmed about what to include in a Eulogy, it is important to remember that there is nothing you can write to help a grieving person feel better immediately. But you can use this opportunity to convey a heartfelt message and bring back some fond memories. Depending on how well you knew the deceased, you may share personal anecdotes and the kind of impact they have had on your life. You may not be able to cheer up their loved ones at this point, but they will appreciate your sentiments and remember your words down the track during a time of reflection.

Here are some tips to help you with your Eulogy:

  • Always come prepared. You may know exactly what you want to say, but attending a funeral service can be very emotional, and the words may not come to you when you need them. Jot down your thoughts in advance and bring your notes.
  • Practice what you will say in your Eulogy with family or friends or in front of the mirror.
  • You do not have to make the Eulogy a long speech. Sometimes the most memorable Eulogies are the ones that are short, sweet and to the point.
  • It’s okay to set some boundaries. You don’t need to mention anything you are uncomfortable speaking about.

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Things You Should Avoid Saying at a Funeral

Avoid common phrases and statements such as “they lived a good life” and “they are now in a better place“. Though kind, these expressions are quite commonplace and can minimise a person’s grief. Also, avoid trying to empathise with a grieving person by saying, “I know how you feel“. Even though you may have experienced a similar loss or are trying to help a grieving person feel less lonely, statements like this can take the focus away from their feelings and shift it to yourself. If you are conversing with the grieving person after the funeral and would like to help them by connecting through empathy, you can make these statements or anything of the like. It’s just best to avoid them on what undoubtedly will be a very emotional day for the deceased’s friends and family.

Avoid Discussing Financial Aspects of the Funeral Service

You should further avoid discussing any financial aspects of the funeral service. If you are tasked with adhering to the deceased’s final wishes concerning funeral arrangements, discussing finances is more appropriate before the funeral, and only when asked or faced with a genuine query.

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