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At Fixed Price Cremations, we understand that grief can make decision making seem more difficult than it should be. That’s why we are keeping things as simple as possible in offering our unattended cremation service in Melbourne for a fixed price of $1695.

The reasons for choosing an unattended cremation over a traditional funeral service are many and varied. The high cost of a traditional funeral service may be reason enough, but in these days of heightened consumer awareness, the main reason surely has to be choice.

With an unattended cremation, it is possible to choose to step outside of the ordinary and construct a meaningful farewell at the end of a unique life that is not tied to the “usual way things have been done”.

For example, an unattended cremation at $1,695 takes care of all of the necessary and unavoidable aspects of planning a funeral. This leaves you free to celebrate the life of the deceased person in any way that is most appropriate. It could be with a champagne toast at 1,500 feet in a hot-air balloon over a desert or a gathering of friends and family in the back yard.

Whatever your reason for choosing an unattended cremation service in Melbourne, simply call us on 1300 262 797 and let one of our specialist Melbourne cremation staff guide you through every aspect of the cremation application process. We are here to assist and you can call us any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will thoroughly answer any questions you have or help you to arrange a Fixed Price Cremations unattended cremation package, guiding you through each step of the process over the phone. Alternatively, use the Contact Us form on this site to arrange for one of our staff to call you.

At Fixed Price Cremations Melbourne, we offer one simple low cost cremation service – an unattended cremation.

Call 1300 262 797 or contact us via our online form.

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Why Choose Our Low Cost Cremation Services in Melbourne?

low cost cremation services melbourne

At Fixed Price Cremations, our mission is to provide people in Melbourne, Victoria with a choice. Many traditional funeral services come at a very high price—leaving people who want a simple service done their way, searching for another option. During the grieving process, we believe that you should not have to make difficult financial decisions, and that’s why we offer affordable cremation services in Melbourne, Victoria.

We only offer one unattended cremation service at a fixed price, which means that not only do our clients get cheap cremation services in Melbourne, Victoria, they also get a service that does not compromise on attention. Those looking for budget funeral services in Melbourne can rest assured that their service will be carried out with great respect and care.

Our low cost funeral services are priced at $1695 and not a cent more. Doing your service with us means there are never any hidden costs or financial surprises. An advantage to choosing affordable cremations in Melbourne, Victoria is that you can spend your money to celebrate the life of the unique individual in a way that really resonates with them and with each and every loved one.

If you are someone who wants to take the complications out of the funeral process and would like affordable cremation services in Melbourne, Victoria as an alternative to the “usual way things have been done”, contact us on 1300 262 797. Each member of our team is dedicated to kindly guiding you through the process and helping to accommodate you at every step of the way.

Why You Should Have a Funeral Service

A funeral service allows loved ones to respectfully celebrate and pay tribute to the life of a person in a pleasant and dignified way. It gives family and friends the chance to send the deceased off with a service that most honours them.

Out of all the affordable funeral services in Melbourne, Victoria, we believe that cremation packages give loved ones the best opportunity to create a tailored service for a friend or relative that has passed away. This is because most basic low cost cremation services, such as ours, handle all the essential aspects of a cremation; while leaving family and friends more money and time to organise a service of their own—a service that best represents the life of the deceased.

Holding a funeral service for a loved one is also an important step in the grieving process, and provides an important occasion for those close to a person who has passed to heal together. When friends and family come together in honour of a loved one, it creates repair and helps mourners to support one another.

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Trusted by Melbourne Families – Available 24/7 – No Hidden Fees

At Fixed Price Cremations, we offer low cost cremation services. Our caring team of experts are on hand to help you best arrange a cremation and handle the details. We don’t simply provide budget funeral services in Melbourne, Victoria, but we offer a service that ensures the care and dignity of a deceased individual. We know how challenging it can be to organise a funeral while grieving, so we are sensitive to the many emotions that you may feel during this time. From the transport through to cremation urns, we want to guide you through the process and help to make things easier during this often difficult period.

Our low cremation cost is designed to provide you with the option to spend your money on a personalised service for your loved one, or to simply equip you with the choice of holding a non-elaborate service that doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you’re interested in finding out more about an unattended cremation service, feel free to contact our cremation specialists, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, on 1300 262 797. 

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Fixed Price Cremations FAQs

At Fixed Price Cremations, we offer a no frills, unattended cremation package in Melbourne at the low cost of $1,695 including GST—and our specialist team are here to help make arranging this as easy for you as possible.
At Fixed Price Cremations Melbourne, we offer one unattended cremation service that doesn’t require planning.
A death certificate can be obtained through the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the applicable state.
Traditionally, a funeral directors job is to organise funerals and help families make important decisions regarding funerals.
The average cost of a cremation is much cheaper than the average cost of a funeral.
This will depend on the type of funeral service selected.
At Fixed Price Cremations, we offer a range of cremation urns.
This will depend on the type of funeral service selected.
Our cremation service includes a cremation urn. When selecting a custom urn, the cost will vary depending on which one you select.
At Fixed Price Cremations Melbourne, our unattended cremation service costs $1,695 including GST.
Cremation urns come available in different materials, including wood, metal and biodegradable paper.
In a cremation service, the body of the deceased is transported to the crematorium, where it is then cremated and the remains are placed in to a cremation urn.
In Australia, a funeral director generally registers a death.
After a cremation service, the urn containing the remains of a deceased individual is given to loved ones.
After death, depending upon certain factors, a funeral can be held in a relatively short amount of time.
A prepaid funeral plan is when a funeral is planned and paid for in advance of the death of an individual.
To preplan your funeral, contact our team of cremation specialists on 1300 262 797.
To pre plan an unattended cremation service, contact our team of cremation specialists on 1300 262 797.
At Fixed Price Cremations, you are in safe hands when arranging a pre paid funeral.
To plan an unattended cremation service, contact our team of cremation specialists on 1300 262 797.
Our unattended cremation service doesn’t require any planning.
Prepaid funeral plans work by allowing you to pay for, and arrange, your funeral in advance.
Prepaid funeral plans can be a good idea, as they allow your loved ones to focus on processing their emotions when you pass away.
We recommend our unattended cremation package.
Preplanning your funeral allows you to arrange it in the way you would best like to be honoured, and takes the task away from your loved ones, who will appreciate not needing to make any difficult decisions when you pass away.
It is best to shop around and contact the team, so you can get a feel of which organisation is right for you.
Funeral directors cannot keep the ashes if the family have requested them. If the ashes remain uncollected, most states in Australia have some time period which they require crematoriums to store them.
To our knowledge, funeral expenses are not an income tax deduction. For more accurate information, please contact your accountant.
Yes, funerals are generally held on weekdays.
To plan your own funeral, contact us on 1300 262 797.
Funeral pre planning allows an individual to arrange their funeral in advance of their death. For more information, contact us on 1300 262 797.
Funeral planning is the process of making the arrangements of a funeral service.
Funeral planning involves an array of different things, depending on which funeral type is chosen. At Fixed Price Cremations, all the planning is done for you.
Preplanning your funeral service may save you time, money and energy.
You should pre plan your funeral to take the burden away from your loved ones when you pass away. Pre planning will also give you the opportunity to hold your funeral in a way that best suits you.
Your family are free to do whatever they wish with your ashes. Many families choose to scatter a loved ones ashes in an ocean, bury them, or keep them at home.