4 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Early to Preplan Your Funeral (#2 Will Shock You)

preplanning your funeral

We are all going to die one day; it is never too early to preplan your funeral and make your final arrangements. This entails meeting with a funeral and cremation expert to discuss your options. We are here to offer guidance and expand on some compelling reasons to preplan your funeral; let us help you. By preplanning your own funeral arrangements, you are making a proactive step toward future security and stability, something that will bring a sense of serenity and satisfaction.

It is estimated that 150k Australians die each year, though that number fluctuates and the reasons vary. The point is that we are all going to die; have you made preparations or arrangements for your funeral? Do you really want to leave that burden on the shoulders of your grief-stricken survivors? The time is now- not tomorrow – to take matters into your own hands and begin planning for the inevitable. This is an excellent time to consult with us for funeral, burial, and cremation insight, advice, and information.

Four reasons why it is not too early to preplan your funeral are:

1. Life is unpredictable: Even with the best of intentions, you never know what life has in store. This is what makes it prudent and timely to preplan your funeral as soon as possible. Furthermore, this helps to familiarize your loved ones with the discussion of your final wishes, which can make it a bit easier for them to cope at a time of crisis or loss.

2. It is cheaper: It’s true! Preplanning your funeral can make it cheaper by locking in your price and avoiding bloated costs due to inflation. Failing to preplan can drive-up the average funeral cost, which will come out of your assets and estate, subsequently, out of what you leave behind for those you love. Simply, preplanning is cost-effective and practical.

3. It ensures your wishes are carried out: Do you trust that your kids, spouse, or friends know how you would like to be memorialized when you die? Do you have discussions related to this topic openly? Preplanning asserts your wishes, whenever and whatever that will be. It can be very reassuring to know that these details are taken care of and that they won’t serve as a point of contention among family and survivors later on, during a stressful and sad period.

4. You will sleep better at night: There is something about knowing you have put your affairs and arrangements in order that brings peace of mind. You should sleep better knowing that this has been outlined, detailed, and paid-for with your funeral director. From traditional interments to cremation packages, we can help you navigate your options to pinpoint how you want to be memorialized and honored.

Have you begun planning your funeral arrangements? Do you think it is too early to preplan? It may seem like a somber subject, but it is essential to get your affairs in order to be prepared for the unexpected. Don’t leave the responsibility of your final arrangements fall to your loved ones during a terribly difficult time. Think of preplanning as a final gift to those that you leave behind.

Come talk with our professional and discreet staff regarding how to preplan your funeral as well as more about interment and cremation services in Melbourne. We know that this can be an uncomfortable thing to talk about, but we are here to offer expertise and further explain your preplan options to you. Don’t underestimate the value of preplanning your funeral and the knowledge that you have your affairs in order. Call us today on 1300 262 797.

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